Bionic Pants

Bionic Pants are special pair of pants which gives you the ability to sit down anywhere you want. The pair of mechanical pants lock in place and can be worn like a normal pant. The chairless chair provides the user with flexibility, freedom of movement and work support.

Essentially pair of mechanical pants that can lock in place, the bionic pants acts as a brace that any weary worker can wear at all times, and then simply lock into place and lean on when the opportunity presents itself. We are a startup offering you a low cost leg exoskeleton that allows you to sit anywhere – the bionic pants . A chair that walks with you wearable technology.

Bionic Pants

Bionic Pants

Anyone who has worked a job that requires long hours of standing at one place and others who have worked remaining upright for an extended amount of time would have taken a heavy toll on their legs and back. Here comes the chairless chair, a welcome solution which makes many to be awestruck. Some call it an invisible chair, while others call it Bionic Pants or trousers — a matter of semantics, perhaps.

As in any factory setup, most of the workers got only few breaks, as well as rarely provided with chairs because the chairs took up too much factory space. Thus chairless chair came into existence and here to stay. These smart pants would be able to monitor the wearer’s intentions and give automatic power assistance when needed, for example when getting up from a chair or when climbing stairs.

New soft robotic technologies are emerging which have the potential to overcome the limitations of conventional rigid bionics. As their name suggests, these system employ soft and compliant materials that work more naturally with the human body.

It delivers performance, safety and comfort

* Hip, thigh and tailbone areas have ventilated foam padding
* Added abrasion and impact resistance
* Reinforce the thigh and tailbone areas

Instead of rigid metals and plastics, they use elastic materials, rubbers and gels. Instead of motors and gearboxes, they’re driven by smart materials that bend, twist and pull when stimulated. These smart materials can mimic the contractions of biological muscles, and are often termed artificial muscles. With these advancements researchers are now in a position to create radically new adaptive bionic devices for assistance and rehabilitation, including the smart pants and trousers.

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Of course, this is more than just a technology exercise. The soft robotic clothing will need to be comfortable, easy to put on, hygienic, stylish and to have a much more natural relationship with the wearer. The chairless chair is intended not for deskbound office staffs, but for environments in which workers must stand in one place for long periods, if not entire for few hours shifts.

More portable than any stool or chair, less obtrusive than a walker and more supportive than those folding seat, the chairless chair represent an unexplored intersection of paramedical assistance, ergonomics and, yes, a wearable technology. So, the key to bionic future is adaptability: we need to make bionic devices that adapt to our environments and to us.

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