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Wearable Chair

Did you ever dream of a future where people had bionic parts and multifunctional furniture? Remember when humans being enhanced with robotic parts was simply a part of Hollywood fiction?

Dream no more! Innovation and technology have advanced greatly over the years, producing several pieces of equipment that keep workplaces efficient and promote a higher quality of life. Finally, the newest lineup in comfort and functionality has arrived, and it comes in the form of bionic pants.

What does that mean?

Wearable chairs are sweeping the market as a new development in ergonomics and portability, and are available through a variety of different brands. Noonee and Ofrees are emerging as groundbreakers in this new technology, and other reliable electronics brands are quickly following suit. According to Entrepreneur, people are putting on “ridiculous”-looking robotic devices like a pair of pants to help support their back and keep them comfortable while they sit in midair. But as ridiculous as they may sound, these bionic pants are proven to have positive health effects that are anything but silly.

Wearable chairs are a true indication that the future has arrived, and it’s time to get in on the action.

But that’s not all:

Bionic pants and chairless chairs are other common names for this new piece of technology, and they are readily available for purchase on websites such as Amazon and Google. Before taking the plunge, though, it’s best to read up on which brands dominate the wearable chairs market. A review of the best products available online, as well as informational style guides and technological information, can help you determine which pair of bionic pants will work perfectly for your workplace or workstation needs.

With this review, you’ll learn which bionic pants products give you the most bang for your buck, and you’ll also learn the best places to go to find the chairless chairs that you need.

First, let’s look at where and how this invention was brought to life:

The Scientific History of Chairless Chairs

Fortune praises wearable chairs as the best choice for “one simple task: sitting”. The scientists behind the development of wearable chairs always had the best ergonomic interests of the wearer in mind when developing such a product.

The idea for chairless chairs sprung from the growing attraction to the assistive exoskeleton market. Those in niche science fields have been looking for ways to develop bionic and robotic devices, machines, and wearables that can help to assist people in a variety of ways. Some medical groups, for example, have developed robot-like legs to help paralyzed people move, making the world a more mobile and independent place for those looking to improve their quality of life. Others invented pieces of machinery that individual warehouse workers can use to be able to lift more items at once, and to accommodate more weight without putting the employee through dangerous conditions.

Chairless Chair


A Swiss company by the name of Noonee jumped at the opportunity to make a name for themselves in this new bionics market, and they had one idea in mind: Making it easier for people to sit without the need for a chair. Some workspaces are crowded or jumbled, making it difficult to accommodate space for a chair. Employees in these spaces are forced to stand all day, sometimes for up to ten hours at a time, exuding physical labor in non-ergonomic stances. These individuals would benefit greatly from the ability to sit in an ergonomic chair, which would improve their health and make it easier for them to get their jobs done more efficiently.

The mission of Noonee was to help reduce employee absences and demolish ergonomically-incorrect postures in the workplace. By developing the wearable chair, they have made it possible for workers to keep their bodies in shape and sit whenever they need to.

On the outside, the bionic pants just appear to look like a plastic frame. It comes equipped with various straps and supports that the individual wears on their body, keeping them upright yet comfortable. It is easy for a worker to move around and perform different tasks without feeling encumbered by the device.

Each plastic strip is strategically placed on parts of the body to help with ergonomic support. The device locks behind the knees when the wearer wants to sit or squat, and is able to hold up to 220 pounds per leg. There are knobs attached to the heels, which work to take pressure off of the wearer’s knees. Two large plates rest comfortably under the buttocks, allowing you to sit comfortably in midair whenever you want. This is a helpful device for those who stand for long hours during the day, or who spend physical labor lifting boxes and straining their knees.

Noonee worked in collaboration with Sapetti, an international design firm, to develop the first prototype of the bionic pants. Now, they are on track to producing thousands upon thousands of units each year, which has the potential to make a revolutionary impact on ergonomics in the workplace.

Say goodbye to chairs and bad knees!

Wearable Chair Products Overview

Functionality, value, and cost are some of the most important factors to consider when investing in this new piece of technology. While you may be eager to own bionic pants, you’ll want to invest some time researching the best products available before making a final decision.

Best Chairless Chair


You want to ensure that your pair of bionic pants is equipped with the right ergonomic structure. You need something that will support your back, hips, knees, and legs while working. Think about all of the positions your body must get into when you lift heavy packages or stretch to lift something off of the top of a warehouse shelf. This device will be your best friend and your number one source of comfort so that you don’t blow out your back.

While these robotic devices may still seem like a thing of the future, they are becoming readily available as a viable response to the ergonomic problems faced by millions of workers per day. They beat out traditional chairs and other less-advanced support devices due to their ability to work with your body, rather than against it. This helps to keep your body strong and mobile at all times.

Not to mention that these devices aren’t too costly, either. You’ll find a range of products that will fit your budget, without sacrificing their overall value or functionality.

Check out some of our biggest chairless chair recommendations:

The Best-Selling Wearable Chair on the Retail Market

1. Noonee Chairless Chair

Wearable Chair Reviews

Unfortunately, Noonee chairless chairs are not yet available on the retail market, as they only sell to companies with factory workers. However, if you represent a company or group of employees, you may contact them on their website here.

2. Ofrees Wearable Chair

Best Wearable Chair Reviews That is part of what makes Ofrees the best current wearable chair brand option on the market. Ofrees is a South Korean-based company that has developed several versions of the popular bionic pants, making it easy to acquire a pair for yourself.

These pants are worn as a suit, in a similar fashion to the Noonee models. With a portable size and weight, there are a few different spec options to choose from. The flexibility to decide between a range of Small to 2XL makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

You can find these Ofrees wearable chair options on eBay  as well, but prices vary a little more freely than they do on Amazon. Typically, you can find a reliable pair of Ofrees bionic pants for a little under $1000.

While that may seem costly, keep in mind that these chairless chair options are still well under development. While they are planning to be released to the public in the very near future, they are mostly only available through corporations and bulk buyers. Ofrees is the first brand to have made the decision to make wearable chairs available to the retail market.

You can check out some customer reviews of the Offres brand wearable chairs here!

Best-Selling Wearable Chair for the Medical Industry

Nitto Archelis Wearable Chair

Bionic Pants

If you work in a medical setting, especially as part of a surgical practice, there is an exclusive line of bionic pants available for you and your coworkers. The Archelis Wearable Chair is a new invention produced by the Japanese company Nitto.

Surgeons face daily bodily strain by spending several hours in uncomfortable standing positions, bent over a patient while performing intensive surgery. The Archelis bionic pants are lightweight yet durable, allowing for hours upon hours of muscle support and relaxation to help the surgeon stay better focused.

This is an ergonomic revolution for the medical field, as many surgeons tend to suffer from severe cases of back or knee injury. These strong bionic pants can keep the surgeon on their feet for longer periods of time, making performing surgeries a breeze.

Unfortunately, there is not an official price statement from Nitto yet. However, it can be determined that as a product targeted towards surgeons, it may prove a little more costly than the retail-friendly Offres brand listed above.

This shouldn’t deter anyone from reaching out to the company for more information. Nitto can be contacted for any further questions.

Read an official Archelis Wearable Chair review here or check out their official website above for more information.


What to Consider Before Purchasing Your New Wearable Chair

Despite the fact that some of the companies’ wearable chair products are still under development, you may be eager to get your hands on a pair of bionic pants as quickly as possible.

We don’t blame you!

Best Bionic Pants

These chairs offer a new level of support that is unsurpassed by anything else on the market. You may be able to find new selections on eBay or Amazon as time elapses, making this great technology more acceptable to you and others who are looking to buy.

In the meantime, it’s important to know what to consider before reaching out to one of these high-end companies about their chairs. They may seem too good to be true, and they are beneficial on several fronts. But each company has something different to bring to the table, which can produce different end results when trying one on for the first time.

Wearable Chair

1. The first key factor of consideration when buying chairless chairs is to understand who they are marketed towards. These chairs work best for people in hard labor or medical situations, or those who suffer from an injured back or weak knees. You may want to speak with your doctor or employer before venturing to buy a pair.

2. The next area of importance lays in the realm of pricing. You should be willing to shell out several hundred – if not more – for a pair of new bionic pants. Since the development of this technology is still in its infancy, the companies responsible for its invention may charge a high amount for this coveted product. Keep your eyes on the retail market, though, as prices will surely drop over time.

3. Think about your current location versus the location of the development companies. The top-end producers of wearable chairs, such as Nitto and Noonee, are in Japan and Switzerland, respectively. It may cost an arm and a leg for the delivery fee alone. Plus, the countries may not yet be ready to ship out to the area you’re located in. Again, keep an eye out for changes to come!


What’s Next in the World of Bionic Pants?

It’s exciting to be a part of a new piece of technology just as it’s being developed. While it can be a drag waiting for something so important to be released to the retail markets, the progress of wearable chairs can be tracked through the companies responsible for producing them.

Fortunately, Nitto and Noonee are very accessible via the Internet and can be contacted at any time. The willing scientists and developers at these companies would be happy to provide more information about where you can acquire some chairless chairs, and what kind of ergonomic benefits they would bring to yourself and your workplace.

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