Best Wearable Chair

How many times did you find yourself saying like that? From now on nothing will be a problem anymore because a company designed and produced best wearable chair and you will be able to take a seat anywhere. Are you working? Are you waiting for the bus? Have you been going around the city for hours and you can’t find any benches to relax? This innovation will save your day and we’re sure you are going to love it.

Some people defined this innovative and advanced product something that can create men-machine hybrids, with which technology is not a threat to the human workforce, something that can make people some kind of “robo-employees”, but not exactly robots, simply tech-augmented humans chairless chair trends.

Wearable Chair

Wearable Chair

Specifically designed for work, this chair allows to reducing the physical strain during work, to reduce the absence of employees, to provide a comfortable working environment, to create the conditions to increase quality and productivity, to obtain a long-term employee commitment.

Why best wearable chair is so good?

* Flexibility thanks to the adjustable sitting height
* Work support for standing workplaces
* Freedom of movements thanks to a fast switch between sitting, standing and walking
* Individualization because it can be customized and adapted to different body sizes and safety shoes.

Furthermore, the wearable brace locks into place with the push of a button. When locked, it can be rested on and it releases in a second if the wearer need to move. The wearable chair is currently employed in work environments. The results of the analysis indicate that flexible wearable chair satisfies equilibrium and stability criterion and is capable of reducing fatigue during working in an assembly line/factory.

When people need to spend a long day at work standing on their feet, complaints of back pain and leg fatigue are extremely commonplace. In many cases sitting down at work is not possible, due to chairs getting in the way. The only option is to spend all day on your feet, which can be quite uncomfortable and wearing.

A supporting strut, which also serves as the seat, is fastened to the back of the legs. The prototypes were made from titanium, but could be also made from carbon fiber in the future, which would make them even lighter. A joint at knee height provides flexibility, and the shock absorber element behind the lower leg can be locked in stages if the user wishes to sit down.

The entire best wearable chair is attached using straps at the hip, knees and ankles. When sitting, the weight is led directly into the ground, therefore relieving the legs and the lower back. The entire construct only weighs a few kilograms, is easy to put on and is hardly noticeable when walking.

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The human legs are still responsible for movement – which is an advantage compared to active exoskeletons, which can result in muscle wastage due to “over relief”. The users can sit down anytime, anywhere, while attaching parts to a vehicle chassis, for example. They have freedom of movement and their seating facility is always available.

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