Wearable Chair

It’s ergonomic nightmare, one is trying to correct with a unique piece of technology: the wearable chair . It’s a hydraulic powered chair that lends lower-body support to people who have to stand all day long. You can think of it as a really bad-ass wearable or an especially lame exoskeleton.

The thing is, if you work in a factory, you don’t get to choose when you sit and when you stand. You’re mostly standing. Employees in manufacturing plants, for example, stand for nearly eight hours a day. And much of the time they’re stooped over in uncomfortable positions, fine-tuning some detail on an engine or console cluster wearable chair benefits. 

Wearable Chair

The design is straightforward

A titanium frame hugs the back of the worker’s leg like a flexible brace, while a support belt is strapped around their torso. Workers can stand and walk like normal, but when they want to sit, pushing a button locks the frame into place at the desired angle. The weight the body is transferred through the frame to the floor or the heels. “You get the sensation of sitting on a barstool.

Why not simply sit on a chair?

>. Companies have optimized factory floorplans designed to maximize efficiency, with little room, literally or figuratively, for chairs. The wearable chair effectively lets employees carry a seat with them at all times.

>. After a close study of how the leg moves when walking, they decided against creating a single rotation point at the knee in favor of a frame that moves more freely, accommodating many different gaits.

The device being a task-specific tool that will help workers at the engine, door and center console assembly stations. The company says the chair will let employees take micro breaks of few seconds while working, easing muscle fatigue and increasing productivity.

When people need to spend a long day at work standing on their feet, complaints of back pain and leg fatigue are extremely commonplace. In many cases sitting down at work is not possible, due to chairs getting in the way. The only option is to spend all day on your feet,

Which can be quite uncomfortable and wearing, this frequent and repetitive standing work can have a detrimental effect on concentration and performance, as well as physical fatigue. It can also result in worker complaints and more time taken off work, especially amongst older employees.

At wearable chair we have now developed a solution for relieving the strain on legs and backs that is both imaginative and simple – the chairless chair. Unlike other exoskeleton concepts, the batteries of the chairless chair are not limited to only lasting a few hours, but rather they can last several days.

The wearable chair is wearable exoskeleton that allows you to sit wherever, is a new piece of technology that will help industries that require employees to stand for long periods of time. For people who work in production lines or with heavy machinery, the chair can be a lifesaver.

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The human legs are still responsible for movement – which is an advantage compared to active exoskeletons, which can result in muscle wastage due to over relief. The users can sit down anytime, anywhere, while attaching parts to a vehicle chassis, for example. They have freedom of movement and their seating facility is always available.

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